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Caution: The aftercare instructions provided on this page are intended for clients of Ivonne Sanchez Beauty. These aftercare instructions may not be applicable to eyeliner tattoo that has been performed by other clinics as their products or protocols may not be the same as ours. Ivonne Sanchez Beauty takes no responsibility for combining these aftercare instructions with that of another clinic or artist. 

Your permanent make-up has been applied with sterile, single use needles with the finest colours available. The quality of your procedure is dependent on you giving the proper care during the healing process from this point on. A few days of simple care will make a noticeable and permanent difference!



For the next few hours and before bed, gently wash with water using a slightly damp cotton ball. This will prevent a thick scab from forming. Blot dry and apply an extremely thin coat of the ointment that is provided. Remove any excess ointment on surrounding skin.



In the morning, wash with water again using the damp cotton ball. Blot dry and apply a thin coat of ointment (less is more!). Rinse and apply the ointment at least (3) times throughout the day. Do not use any type of make-up or foundation close to the area.


DAY 2 Until Healed

Do nothing but clean gently with water several times a day. Let your eyeliner breath and heal. Do not scratch or rub it. Wait at least four (4) days before applying mascara. A ‘new’ mascara is recommended as old mascara contains bacteria.


Next 4 Weeks

Absolutely avoid sun, tanning beds and wind. Wear sunglasses when outside. No swimming in salt or chlorinated water during the healing process. If you must go into the pool briefly, put a good coating of ointment which will help repel the water. Avoid direct contact with animals or contact with soil that may expose the tattoo to fertilizers etc.


Lifelong Care to Maintain Lasting Colour


The way you keep your colour fresh and new is to keep it out of the sun! Always use an SPF on the area as sun is the number one reason for premature fading. Never use exfoliants or products meant to remove dead skin cells on the area. Using these on the tattooed area will result in premature fading. Some redness around the tattoo is normal. Inflammation is part of the natural healing process.




Your eyeliner may look up to 50% darker for at least the first few days and up to a week. This is part of tattoo healing. They may look harsh and drawn on. As soon as the top layer heals and flakes off, you will have the soft colour and natural look that you desire.

These instructions were curated by the leading pigment creators in the industry.




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