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Caution: The aftercare instructions provided on this page are intended for clients of IVONNE. These aftercare instructions may not be applicable to eyelashes that have been performed by other clinics as their products or protocols may not be the same as ours. IVONNE takes no responsibility for combining these aftercare instructions with that of another clinic or artist. 

Your lashes are an investment. You work hard for your money and you spend a lot of time in that bed to get that perfect look. Here are some best practices for achieving the most from your lash service.

1) Lash conditioner: Use it starting 24 hours after your service. We carry amazing lash conditioner that helps keep your lashes and glue sufficiently hydrated. This will prevent against the glue or lash from becoming too brittle and falling off prematurely.

2) Keep those lashes dry!: For the first 24 hours after your lash service avoid water (rain, shower) heat or steam otherwise the glue will prematurely melt and your lashes will fall out. 

3) Avoid heat and steam!: Stay away from tanning beds and saunas (dry or wet).

4) Avoid Oils!: Makeup remover, eyeliner with oil (especially animal oil). Oils are a stripper and will remove the glue.

5) Watch your sleep: Sleeping on one side of your face will cause the lashes to fall out disproportionately. Though difficult to manage – do what you can!

Lash Lift Aftercare

Keep dry: Avoid getting wet for 24 hours.

Lash lifts will last you 6-8 weeks if cared for properly!

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