Instructions and how to care for your new lips

Your permanent make-up has been applied with sterile, single use needles with the finest colours available. The quality of your procedure is dependent on you giving the proper care during the healing process from this point on. A few days of simple care will make a noticeable and permanent difference!

Any lip procedure like injectables or lip tattoo (micropigmentation) carry unique risks, including trauma, colour loss, cold sore outbreaks, bruising, and infection.

(Day 1 of Procedure)

Maintaining the lips and removing of lymphatic fluid is necessary to prevent against heavy scabbing. Scabbing is one of the primary reasons for pigment loss during this early critical stage of healing. As part of your bedtime routine be sure to gently rinse away any dry lymph with lukewarm water, and pat dry. Then apply the micropigmentation membrane balm available for purchase.

Important: Keep the lips moderately moist with the ointment at all times, and be sure to remove any excess. Occasionally the lips may bruise even after the procedure has already been completed. Bruising will subside within 24-hours of the procedure.

DAYS 2 to 7

Lips may be swollen into the next day. Maintain a moderate amount of moisture at all times and guard the lips from drying out. Continue to apply the ointment every 30 minutes and removing any excess. The goal is to maintain just enough moisture without over saturating or “globbing” the lips.

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Important: You will continue using the ointment through the skin healing cycle (21 to 28 days). This will ensure that the lips are supported during their healing process; this prompts pigment longevity and retention. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and immediately contact your lip technician or physician for further instruction.

Don’t Panic: The visible lip tattoo healing process is somewhat short. From days 3 to 5 clients may experience dry and flakey lips. The lips may feel as though a matte lipstick has been applied in layers. Once the outer of pigment flakes off it may even look as though NO PIGMENT has been retained at all. This is normal, and over the following 6 to 8 weeks the colour will gradually “expose” to a lovely soft shade.

DAY 1 to 7 (or until scabs are gone) AVOID THE FOLLOWING:

  • Do not touch or pick at your lips. Doing so increases the risk of infection, swelling and pigment loss.
  • Do not expose your lips excessively or needlessly to water, beyond basic cleaning and care.
  • Do not apply any makeup or cosmetics to the lips or any area around the lips where it may come into contact (run, or bleed) into the lips.
  • Avoid saunas, pools, steam, or environments with very high humidity.
  • Avoid sunbathing and direct exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Avoid kissing (especially animals)
  • Do not apply anything to lips beyond the recommended lip ointment.

DO NOT APPLY: Vaseline, antibiotic creams or Polysporin etc.
DO NOT APPLY: Facial creams that contain acids or lightening or exfoliating ingredients


Touch-Ups can only be performed no sooner than 8 weeks after the original appointment. It is not possible to perform a touch-up within the healing period and it is not advised to touch-up too early before the pigment settles.

Some redness around the tattoo is normal. Inflammation is part of the natural healing process.


It is best to adopt a lifestyle that avoids direct sun and tanning beds.

Always use an SPF on the area as sun is the number one reason for premature fading. Never use exfoliants or products meant to remove dead skin cells on the area. Using these on the tattooed area will result in premature fading. If you use these on your face, before application coat the lips with a thin coat of ointment.


Your Lip Tattoo may look up to 50% darker for at least the first few days and up to a week. This is part of tattoo healing. They may look harsh and drawn on. As soon as the top layer heals and flakes off, you will have the soft colour and natural look that you desire. If you develop a blister, please contact Ivonne directly at 613-302-4736. If you have a history of cold sores, Acyclovir should be taken prior and during healing.

These instructions were curated by the leading pigment creators in the industry.

* Note about pictures: We understand that clients enjoy seeing their own before and after photos, especially the fully healed results. If you would like to monitor the colour over time we strongly recommend taking all of your pictures in the SAME natural light, using the SAME angles, the SAME distance from the lens, and using the same camera settings without any filters. Be sure to take any before photos in the exact same lighting. Any changes to the settings or environment while you monitor your photos will impact your perception of the colour as it changes.


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