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Meet our Affiliates and Ambassadors

From top beauty bloggers to courageous entrepreneurs our affiliates and ambassadors inspire authentic beauty. Learn about our courageous and motivating community leaders.

How we work together


Both our affiliates and ambassadors are the inspiration for what we do. As representatives of our client demographic we value their feedback and tailor our services and service delivery based on their advice.

Beauty Services and Events

Our affiliates and ambassadors are our clients first. They receive beauty services like permanent makeup and skincare, and then share their experiences online.


Our affiliates and ambassadors glow in our skincare brands, providing us with important feedback, and collaborate on product collections.

Ottawa Affiliates

We team up with Canadian bloggers, entrepreneurs and story-tellers who are passionate about sharing their experiences with beauty services and products.

Beauty Blogger and Entrepreneur

Amanda Roberts

Grad student and Beauty Blogger

Ottawa Collaborators

We’re all about real connection, and we are so fortunate to have members of our community who like to jump in and share their experiences with our beauty services and products.

Amy Karlin

Lifestyle Blogger and Entrepreneur

Mallory Rowan

Global Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Become An Affiliate or an Ambassador

As an affiliate or an ambassador you’ll get access to our most wanted beauty services and skincare products (when available). As an affiliate you’ll even be able to earn commission on referrals and get access for free (or best in class pricing); and as an ambassador you’ll get access to free (or best in class pricing) on services and products.

Daria Sanchez
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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.