Controlled Injury As Means of Skincare

Let’s get something out of the way: I am not a doctor. I have not received medical training for skincare. However, as a consumer and as a certified provider of microneedling treatments I have made several observations in the way skincare services are offered that I’d like to share with you my readers. For the record, I

All About AnteAGE With Daria Sanchez

Hello beautiful people. ♡ You may have seen my face before – I am the official model of Ivonne Sanchez, Daria Sanchez. I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to engage with you today!  You may have noticed something new and shiny at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty. We brought new products aimed to complement your


Should I Get Micro-Needling or Laser Treatment?

At Ivonne Sanchez Beauty, we realize that beauty treatments are trendy and there is always something new to try. To support our clients, we maintain a skeptical posture over the products and services that we offer.  We “interview,” question and re-question every product and service that we offer, knowing that information changes over time. If something doesn’t seem right


How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks and Scars Fast!

It’s a fact: stretch marks and scars – they happen! It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  After pregnancy or significant weight gain and loss the abdomen and other areas of the body can be left with unsightly stretch marks. We’ve learned from many Instagram stars and celebrities that it’s possible to rock those scars and move on,

Ivonne Sanchez performing Microblading in Ottawa

How Much Does Microblading Cost In Ottawa?

Microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them and enjoy swimming. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up once a year. The smudge-proof solution will cost you anywhere between $500 and $800. But waking up every morning with perfect brows may totally be worth it.  The average woman spends about 10 minutes

Choosing a PMU Artist

How to Choose a Permanent Makeup Artist

This is it. You’re going to do it. You have swiped through enough Instagram posts to see amazing transformations that are happening in permanent makeup (“PMU”). Brows, lips and liner.  The techniques and pigments are unlike anything the world has ever seen – and you want in! So how exactly do you FIND and then CHOOSE a permanent

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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.