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Hair loss (sometimes referred to as alopecia) is a common problem, affecting not only our scalp, but also other areas of our. Hair loss can appear in varying patterns, depending on the cause. Loss of hair can affect all genders. Hair loss can result in worry and anxiety, especially where the cause is not known. However there are several ways of treating and managing hair loss. Treatment depends on the type of hair loss, and where the loss occurs.

How Exactly Does Our Hair Grow?

Our scalp alone contains hundreds of thousands of hair follicles. These allow hair to become anchored into the skin and are responsible for creating new hairs. 

All hair grows in 3 separate phases. The Angen, Catagen, and Telogen, phases.

  1. The anagen or phase starts the growth of the new hair. This particular phase is determined by our genets and it can vary between genetically determined and on our scalps it can vary between 2 and 6 years. Most hair follicles in our scalp are in the first phase, the anagen phase. On our lashes these phases are shortened and hair turnover occurs within just a few weeks to months.
  2. The catagen phase is the transitional stage between the growing and resting phases and this phase lasts between 1 and 2 weeks.
  3. The telogen phase (also known as the “resting phase”) describes a mature hair within the root that is usually loose within the follicle. The hair at the stage is ready to fall out without much effort. The telogen phase generally lasts between 4 and 5 months. About 100 telogen hairs are lost from the human scalp each day.

How Can I Restore My Natural Hair?

In non-medical aesthetics and beauty there are several non-surgical ways to restore, supplement, or enhance our missing natural hair.
For missing eyelash hairs, clients may:

  • use false lash adhesive strips where no lashes exist, or the areas are to sparse to fill in
  • use false lashes (lash extensions) applied by a skilled lash technician
  • use lash conditioner to help regrow lash hairs, and to provide more volume to those that remain.

For missing eyebrow hairs, clients may:

  • draw on or fill in their missing brow hairs with a pencil, cosmetic powder
  • receive semi-permanent/permanent microblading or nano brow eyebrow tattoo to achieve a longer term solution

For missing or thinning scalp hair, clients may:

  • Seek out scalp micropigmentation to redefine their hair line, or fill in any sparse areas.

When Should You Seek Medical Advice for Hair Loss?

You should seek medical advice for hair loss if:

  • you have recently started a new medicine;
  • you are a woman (or taking hormones for male to female transitions) and your hair loss is accompanied by excess growth of facial and body hair or you have acne;
  • you have been diagnosed with (or think you may have) an autoimmune disorder;
  • you have been recently treated with chemotherapy or have used hormones as a medication;
  • the hair loss occurs in discrete patches;
  • the hair loss is associated with scaling or inflammation of the scalp;
  • you also have loss of body hair; or
  • you have adopted a compulsive habit of pulling on your hair

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