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TEWL Trans Epidermal Water Loss leads to sensitive skin and dehydration.
Free Radical Damage Pollutants and ultraviolet radiation produce free radicals which cause our skin to weaken and become dull.
Free Radical Damage Pollutants and ultraviolet radiation produce free radicals which cause our skin to weaken and become dull.
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Bacteria Management Demodex Mites and bacteria can aggravate Rosacea and Sensitive Skin.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea, sometimes referred to as acne rosacea, is a chronic skin condition recognized by facial redness and flushing in the face. Rosacea typically manifests as flushing and redness in the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. It affects both men and women, with women more frequently suffering from this condition. In addition, it’s more common in people with fair skin. Fortunately, rosacea treatment options exist that can eliminate or manage this frustrating condition!

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What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

In addition to facial flushing and facial redness, rosacea symptoms typically include: Burning, itching, or stinging feelings in the face Dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia) on the surface of the skin Inflamed lesions with a yellow or white centre Eye and eyelid redness, accompanied by watery or dry eyes and a burning or gritty feeling


How Do I Clear Up Rosacea?

While there is no lasting cure for this chronic skin condition, there are a few natural options to make the condition manageable, comfortable, and help encourage remission.


What Is The Main Cause of Rosacea?

Rosacea has many causes, many of which are attributed to lifestyle factors. Exposure to certain stimulus including hot or cold weather, sun exposure or mental stress; even spicy food or beverages. The various triggers can inspire the condition or make it appear worse from person to person. It is important to understand what triggers are responsible for the flare-ups so that you are able to avoid things that may aggravate the skin.


Living with Rosacea


Rosacea can have an emotional impact and is not just not physiological. Like other chronic conditions, it can also be psychologically hard to deal with a condition that persists for any length of time. Those with rosacea may feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the redness and bumps that seemingly transform the face, making it difficult to hide. They also may be negatively affected by common misconceptions about the condition, such as the belief that it is a sign of alcohol abuse or poor hygiene. Nearly 75% of those with rosacea have reported low self-esteem. Similar numbers have reported that they feel that rosacea adversely affects their career opportunities. Because of the social and psychological impact, it is critical to be diagnosed and treated for this chronic skin condition. Successfully controlling symptoms through treatment has been shown to improve the mental and emotional well-being of patients. Please consult with your family physician before pursuing any treatment options. Addressing the physical issue at hand is only part of the treatment process.

Treatment Options for Rosacea

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