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Our FREE consultation will help you determine what options are right for you.

Your consultation will:

  • Discover your skin type
  • Explore suitable services or products
  • Much more…


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IVONNE SANCHEZ BEAUTY is a Permanent Makeup and Beauty Clinic

How Do FREE Consultations Work?

When you book a consultation you’ll want to leave a deposit to ensure that your appointment is confirmed. You’ll book your consultation using the online booking engine through the “Free Consultation” or “Book Now” buttons on this page. Login, find a professional and search the calendar for a time that suits you best.

Once we have your details and appointment confirmed. 

Be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to your consultation.

During your consult you’ll meet with the professional selected during the booking process. We’ll review your concerns, your skin type and explore any questions or information that may interest you. Don’t worry – our website is full of information, too, and in case you have questions that come afterwards you can always reach back out through our website, social media, or by e-mail.

Should you choose to go ahead with booking the service after your consult then your consultation is fully and completely FREE! Should you decide not to proceed with your consultation then any deposit amounts can be applied to any of our other products or services in store.

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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.