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What Is An IVONNE Cosmetics Review?

An IVONNE cosmetic makeup review provides the opportunity for you to have a Skincare or Makeup Professional review your cosmetics and skincare. This will identify makeup and skincare issues that may be working against you and your goals. This cosmetic review can help you better understand your skincare and makeup to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your beauty products.

Why IVONNE Cosmetic Review?

The IVONNE Cosmetics and Skincare Review was created specifically for people who are regularly using cosmetics or skincare and may be looking for guidance. Through the review process, your beauty professional:

  1. Simplify complex combinations of products or the application process
  2. Creates a cosmetic plan to help you reach your beauty goals
  3. Provides recommendations on professional services e.g. skincare, facials or permanent makeup to support your goals
  4. Provides ongoing guidance for cosmetic makeup and skincare solutions for every season and occasion


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