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Most Direct. Easiest. Instant.
Purchase a Digital Gift Card For Yourself

Step 1: Login or Create Your Personal Account

Booking Login Page

Step 2: Navigate to Shopping> Gift Cards

Step 3: Purchase a Gift Card for yourself.
Enter the dollar deposit amount and your own e-mail address. This ensures the deposit immediately gets connected to you.

Purchasing a Gift Card for Deposit

Step 4: Enter Payment Details and Finalize Payment

Payment Details

Complete: An e-mail with a confirmation receipt will arrive instantly. Your deposit is recorded.

Deposit Receipt


Fewer Steps. Slower to Process.
e-mail Interac Transfer

Send an e-mail money transfer to [email protected]

May take between 24 and 72 hours to apply to your file.

REMEMBER: Include in the transfer message your name, email address, the service and date that will allow us to attach it to the right client profile.


Ivonne Sanchez Beauty will only ever ask you to send your deposits to [email protected] and not to another email account.

We will NEVER take credit card payment by phone and we will never ask you for your credit card or banking information for transaction purposes.

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