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Eyelashes are associated with health and beauty across many cultures. They bring emphasis and give contrast to the eyes, signalling our health, and help communicate our attention.  These natural fans serve many roles and they are (usually) the longest hairs on our faces.


The eyelid is the anchoring point for eyelash hairs. Each eyelash is embedded by the root, which anchors into the hair plexus. The strength of this root allows the eyelash to withstand sudden movements such as blinking or squinting. This is necessary in order for the eyelash to perform its protective job over our eyeballs, preventing foreign objects from reaching the eye.

The eyelashes are organized in single rows on each eyelid, though the upper lid is usually fuller and longer than the lower lid, and more noticeable.

The eyelash itself is made up of 3 separate structures that fit into one another.

Eyelash Hair Anatomy Diagram

The outer structure is the cuticle, made up of several cell layers which protects the inside, a thinner cortex lines the cuticle giving the hair overall strength and stability, and the medulla – the innermost structure, made up of loose cells.

Cortex Medulla Cuticle