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G.M. Collin Topical Hyaluronic Filler at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

* Sold in store only at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

Topical Hyaluronic Filler

Our most popular hyaluronic product.

This innovative serum is designed for use at home, and part of your complete skincare routine.  The product is formulated with 4% H.A. Filler Expert Complex: a blend of 3 different forms of Hyaluronic Acid, filler, and protector.

  • Rejuvenates appearance of skin texture and supports the plumpness of the skin.
  • Provides immediate and lasting hydration.
  • Improves the appearance of pores.

Why G.M. Collin, and Why Hyaluronic Filler?:

G.M. Collin is a subsidiary of Phytoderm, experts in skincare and skincare advice.  The product line was formulated by experts in Paris, France and is manufactured right here in Canada.  The product and its complete line were built and customized with Canadian skin in mind.

Why Visit Ivonne Sanchez Beauty?

Trained Skincare Professionals Know Best

Your skin is unique, and requires an individualized diagnosis by a G.M. trained expert. All of our skincare technicians have undergone single skill training with certified G.M. Collin Professionals, and are able to provide a cosmetic diagnosis (only) of your skin, and to offer the highest quality clinical skincare treatment. *The service provided by our Skincare technicians are not meant to replace medical advice provided by your doctor. We strongly recommend that all clients discuss any skincare concerns with their primary physician or skincare physician before seeking out cosmetic skincare services at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty.