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Scheduling and Managing Appointments

We have changed scheduling systems, so you’ll need to create a new login (which you can do when scheduling your next appointment). The new scheduling system recognizes you by first and last name (and not by email address) so please be sure to use the same spelling consistently. Need help? We’re available by chat here.

Schedule An Appointment (Or Consultation)

Follow the steps from your appointment confirmation email.

Never ask “what time works for you?” again. You’ll have direct access to the personal calendar for all our artists here.* Schedule any appointment including virtual consultations. 

If this is your first time scheduling in our new Acuity Scheduling system we recommend creating a new profile for yourself at the end of the first appointment scheduling.
If you’re scheduling a second appointment and already have an appointment in our Acuity Scheduling system then we suggest logging in using the “Log in” button at the upper right corner of the form so that your appointments will be tracked in one convenient location.

Not sure if you have an account already? No problem. Try to login with the email address you think you registered with and when prompted on the second screen choose the “forgot password link”.

Forgot Password Message

Schedule an Appointment

1. Selecting Your Service

All services are organized by categories. If you’re not sure what category the service falls under, just click or tab the service header name to expand the list.

If it’s your first appointment for a major service like microblading or eyeliner tattoo you’ll choose the one that has “Initial” at the end.

If you’re coming in for a touch-up, or annual boost, they’ll be clearly marked.

Read more about the service in the service description.

If you cannot see everything as shown be sure to scroll down further.

Note: Add-Ons are optional and may be added to your appointment as desired.

Appointment Scheduling page at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty
Appointment Add On Window

2. Choose Your Artist (If Prompted)

Note: If no artist selection is available then this service will automatically be assigned to Ivonne Sanchez.

If you haven’t already decided on your artist learn about your choices here. You’ll see details about skills, and languages spoken. Don’t worry – we’ll never change your artist without asking you first.

3. Choose The Date and Time

Unavailable dates are gray, so be sure to choose a black date.
Pick a time that suits you and choose “Continue”.

4. Complete Your Client Intake/Consent Waiver

Fill out your form before your appointment. Don’t worry – you can always come back to it and update/change your answers up until the day of your appointment.

Your artist will review the answers and discuss with you any questions. Not sure about something? Email us at hello@ivonnesanchez.com, or DM us in Instagram @ivonnesanchezbeauty.

5. Submit Form, and Pay Appointment Scheduling Fee labelled ("Deposit") or Full Appointment Charge

You’ll submit the form using the pink buttons at the bottom. Depending on your appointment type you’ll be able to also pay the deposit (if required); or you’ll be able to pay for the appointment in full in advance. You’ll be able to add a tip here if you want.


We strongly recommend using an email address that you can receive appointment reminders and marketing emails to. We also suggest saving your credit card information (which is encrypted) for making future appointments.

6. Appointment Details Confirmed

We strongly recommend Registering for an account (or logging in first) so that you can login and see your appointments from one convenient location. If you have downloaded the app on your mobile device you can scan the QR code here and the appointment will be added to your application.


Don’t forget to add the appointment to your personal calendar and download the app by pointing your camera at the QR code.

Locate An Existing Appointment

Making changes to an existing appointment is easy. If you’ve made an online account you can login and find your appointments.

Reschedule or Cancel and Existing Appointment

From the App

  1. Open the “Scheduling” App on your mobile device. 

  2. Choose the “Appointments” tab from below.

  3. Locate the desired appointment and choose “Reschedule” or “Cancel”.

Don't Have The App?

From The Email Notification

  1. In your email, open the original “New Appointment” email from scheduling@acuityscheduling.com

  2. Choose “Change/Cancel Appointment“.

Appointment Notifications

Initial Appointment or Rescheduling Notification

Upon scheduling your appointment you’ll receive an email confirmation from scheduling@acuityscheduling.com. If you reply to automated appointment notifications your messages will be directed to our reception team. Please remember to add scheduling@acuityscheduling.com to your address book to ensure that you receive all appointment notifications.

Reminder Notification #1

The second notification is an email reminder, and is sent to clients 24 hours prior to their appointment.

Reminder Notification #2

The 3rd and final notification is an email and text message reminder, and is sent to clients 2 hours prior to their appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Scheduler FAQs

What is a registered client account?

After you schedule an appointment, you’ll be given the option to register for a client account on the client scheduling page. This allows you to:

  • Bypass any forms you’ve already filled out when scheduling future appointments. Answers will be pre-filled, so the form will still show, but you won’t have to answer the questions again (though you should if any question has changed).
  • Sign in to your client scheduling page to reschedule or cancel existing appointments.
  • View all upcoming and past appointments that have been scheduled while logged into their account.
  • See any active package codes on your account, as well as what they can be used for.

What if I have more than 1 email address, or name?

The scheduling system recognizes you by your first and last name. So, if you ever book an appointment under a different name you’ll have more than one account. If you need help merging two separate accounts please email us at hello@ivonnesanchez.com. Be sure to mention your first and last name, the email addresses that should be combined, and the surviving email address. Please also include your phone number in case we need to reach out by phone.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to the login page anyway and choose “Login”. Enter the email address you think you used to setup your appointment (Tip: check your email accounts where we would have sent previous appointment messages to). 

Try to login and when presented with the “Incorrect Password” message choose “Forgot password” link.

How do I change my password?

Login and choose “Change Password” at the upper right of the window.

Why can't I change or cancel my appointment?

There are limits on when the appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled without penalty. Please check our cancellation policy for more details here.

Do I need to create an account to schedule an appointment?

From a technology perspective: no. You can schedule an appointment without creating an account. However, by not creating an account you’ll only be able to manage your appointments from the link that we send to your email.

Where are my Appointment Confirmation Fees from last year?

If you sent us a money last year, before we adopted Acuity Scheduling, then rest assured that we still have it on file. We’ll be applying these amounts to your scheduled appointments.

When can I schedule appointments?

You can schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online through ivonnesanchez.com.

Appointment slots are subject to individual artist availability.

You can schedule for up to 365 days in to the future!

Why Can't I Just Book By Phone Or Email?

Due to the nature of our services there are important details and information that we must deliver to you before you can schedule an appointment.

We appreciate your patience and encourage you to schedule online where you’ll be provided critical before care and after care information.

Still Need Help?


If your request is not urgent, email us and we'll be in touch.


If you need more immediate help please chat with us on Facebook.

(613) 695-6662

If we're not busy helping other clients on site we may be able to take your request by phone.

*Not all workers at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty have a calendar in our Acuity Scheduling System. If you are looking for a booking calendar for someone who you know works on location at 138 Sparks Street please refer to their Instagram bio link.

All information is collected by Ivonne Sanchez Beauty pursuant to O. Reg. 136/18: PERSONAL SERVICE SETTINGS and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA “).



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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.