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Your From email address is the address that you use to send email to your contacts. When contacts receive your emails, the From email address helps to identify you as the sender.

If you use a free email service provider like Yahoo or AOL for your From email address, there are some limitations you should be aware of, and you could be missing out on valuable clients!

In this article, you’ll learn about limitations of free email addresses, DMARC, and solutions to get your marketing emails to your contacts.

How many potential clients have missed important emails from you? How many leads have you missed out on?


Free e-mail services like Gmail, Yahoo and others are often used by spammers. They create new fake accounts, push SPAM, then abandon them once they’re shut down. For this reason the validity of email sent from these platforms are sometimes called into question, leaving them to be less reliable. It’s also why many emails from free webmail ESPs land in the SPAM folder. 


Most regions around the world have regulations around commercial messages, and many require “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” links.  With free webmail its impossible to manage your subscribers, or opt-in email recipients. The function simply does not exist.

Missing Features

Free webmail also lacks other important features like analytics, templates, or segmenting contacts. Imagine your busy beauty business is unable to separate those with interests in micropigmentation from hair removal. Everyone would be blasted with the same email content leading to low engagement, blocks, or even SPAM or abuse reports due to frustration.

Free email also lacks the ability to send important messages to large groups of recipients. As your contact list grows it becomes almost impossible to send out messages to everyone.

Other Issues With Free Email

Free email address services have policies in place that are meant to prevent email scams but in fact these same broadly applied policies can cause delivery issues for legitimate marketers.

DMARC Diagram

To better understand the problem with free email domains and delivery, it helps to know about DMARC, or Domain Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance.

DMARC is basically a validation system for incoming email. It checks that the domain of the From email address matches the domain the message is actually being sent through. If the domains don’t match, the email fails the DMARC check.

DMARC policies also tell receiving servers how to handle email that appears to come from a domain, but has failed the DMARC check. Free email domains often have policies that tell these receiving servers to immediately reject mail that fails DMARC.

The intention of these strict policies is to prevent email scams, but it can also affect the delivery of legitimate marketing content sent through bulk email services like Mailchimip.

The Solution?

We strongly advise all beauty businesses (big or small) to consider purchasing a domain or using a domain you already own to avoid issues with DMARC policies and to increase your mail delivery success. 

If you’re not already using email automation then you may be missing out on important leads and conversion opportunities. 

When Is the Best Time To Buy A Domain and Use Start Using Domain Email?

The best time to start is today. Remember, your new domain will need to warm up, and be involved with successful one-to-one email deliveries before it is fully trusted by mail processors around the world. Don’t wait. As email becomes more complex it is important to embrace it now.

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