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How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them and enjoy swimming. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up once a year. The smudge-proof solution will cost you anywhere between $500 and $800. But waking up every morning with perfect brows may totally be worth it. 

The average woman spends about 10 minutes a day colouring and drawing their eyebrows. That’s over 60 hours a year! If eyebrow drawing or colouring was your job that would be 1.5 work weeks! The average monthly costs of eyebrow related makeup is about $600/year. With microblading you will save yourself $1,250 over three years and 4.5 weeks of brow vacation!

We have done research and obtained a cost sample of Microblading services in every major Canadian city. We have then benchmarked those average costs against the Median Family Income from Wikipedia. The results are in no way meant to be scientific, and we’re not scientists.

Average Cost of Microblading by City as of January 2018 (MICROBLADING CALCULATOR)

Ottawa average costs of Microblading:

     High average: $700

     Low Average: $250

What factors contribute to the cost of microblading services?

1. Salon type

A glossy salon in the downtown core will fetch a higher price due to the steep rental costs and location. A basement studio deep in the suburbs will command a much lower price due to infrequent visitors and inconvenient travel times.

2. Years of experience

Though years of experience do not exactly translate into a higher price it is assumed that the more years of experience results in greater skill and work product. The relationship between years of experience and skill do max out at some point in terms of output.

3. Quality and skill of work product

If your brows look fine, and I mean damn fine (e.g. proper transitions, tight spacing between the hairs, correct pigment colour mixing, evenness and a consistent proper pattern) you can expect to pay top dollar. Though some microblading artists will still charge you top dollar and give you brows that are not top dollar.

4. Materials Used

A single U blade alone can vary in cost between $0.50 to $10.00. Pigments can range cost as much as $35/bottle and that’s if the microblading artist is satisfied with the pigment performance. Otherwise $35 is garbaged and they move onto the next bottle or product with a more predictable and satisfactory performance. A good microblading artist will not compromise on tools or product quality.

When it comes to your face you should never economize. It goes without saying: you get what you pay for. When making a semi-permanent/permanent change to your face or body paying too little can have disasterous outcomes.  This can often lead to lengthy removal and consultation processes resulting in significant costs. Removal costs are $200/session and may require 6 to 8 sessions to correct poor work. This can be both emotionally and financially exhausting and entirely not worth it.

Wikipedia List of Median household income of cities in Canada


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