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Microblading is one of the most popular beauty services for eyebrows that so many are searching for.  Making our eyebrows even helps to achieve perfect symmetry in our face.  The many benefits to microblading are obvious and they are the reason why many look to permanent makeup as a solution for simpler, long-lasting makeup.  Low maintenance brows are more affordable, and more natural-looking than ever.

Microblading ensures that your brows are always in place, and always looking great. But, what if you have blond or red hair – or a fair complexion? A skilled microblading artist can help you find the exact style that you need.

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Microblading Benefits

If you have thin, uneven brows and are looking for a way to achieve always-on, sweat-proof, waterproof makeup, then permanent makeup is for you!

It keeps your brows looking great all day long

One of the benefits of microblading is that your brows are always looking crisp, fresh, or done-up, depending on the style that you choose. You no longer have to worry about putting on your brow makeup before leaving the house, and you certainly wont have to worry about reapplying before your next meeting, or after your next work-out.

Improves your sense of self

Brows have a unique way of making us feel more confident about ourselves. With well-defined arches we may appear more assertive, and more engaged to the world around us.

Save time and money

With microblading you’ll be able to save more money on cosmetic products, and reduce the amount of space that makeup takes in your drawer or purse.  If you find it difficult to draw or see fine lines then this time-saving beauty process will have you thinking: “what other permanent makeup can I have done”?

A great way to find a fresh, new look

Microblading is an easy way to achieve a brand new look, all in just 3 hours or less. With an experienced artist you’ll see how remarkable your brows are after brow mapping, colour selection, and the application of cosmetic tattoo.

Always be sure to read any before and aftercare instructions, and research your microblading artist to ensure their style and approach suits you.

Are you looking for an award-nominated microblading artist in Kanata, Ontario? Call us and explore the benefits of microblading your eyebrows today.

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