The shape of our mouths, the frames to our teeth.

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Lips are one of the most visible and recognized parts of our body, and because they’re situated exactly where our words come out (our mouth) it is one of the most observed features of our faces next to the eyes. Almost all face-to-face communication involves the monitoring of eyes and lips.





The general appearance of our lips are first and foremost determined by genetics. Like all of our other features, the genes of our parents will decide how our facial structure is expressed, and how the surrounding tissues and muscle will appear. The outline, initial volume, and position of our lips are due to mom and dad.




It is understood that in females, or those with higher levels of estrogen, they will experience larger, fuller lips, proportionate to their face. While it is also true that men have larger lips than women this is due to the general larger size of their overall body.  However, women have larger lips relative to their other facial features than men.  





As we age our skin changes due to the loss of collagen and elastin. The absence of these important proteins can dramatically reduce the overall appearance of our skin, and this includes our lips.






Although usually related to age, entering or exiting the reproductive cycle can impact the levels of estrogen in our bodies, primarily affecting women. Estrogen is partly responsible for how large or full the lips are.





Several lifestyle factors can be blamed for changes to how our lips look.  Lip thinning can be a problem and here are a few things that can be done to prevent against unwanted thin lips.

1 Avoid Puckering and Ditch The Straws


Whatever you do, be gentle, and avoid harsh or repetitive gestures that may cause your lips to thin and wear prematurely. It is a common perception that lip thinning is due to smoking, and while that may be true, the appearance of lines and thinning lips is due to wear and tear from anything.


02 Stay Hydrated


Sufficient water is very important to maintain the required level of moisture in our skin. The naturally occurring hyaluronic acid within our bodies makes use of available moisture to plump up our skin. So be sure to drink a few glasses of water each day.


Excessive sun exposure and lack of hydration can both lead to premature aging in our lips.  Be sure to apply a lip balm that includes an SPF.


03 Choose Natural Oils Over Balms


When applying anything to your lips try for natural products and definitely avoid things like petroleum jelly. Certain products such as petroleum jelly include particles that are too large and can clog your pores, preventing your skin from regenerating and healing in its normal cycle.


04 Talk to A Cosmetic Physician 


Prevention is the best medicine.  There are medical options such as injectable fillers.  Stick with what works, and be cautious to adopt any new products that might try to emulate some of the traditional brands that have worked for years.  Using fillers can sometimes be a great strategy to prevent the skin from folding over on itself, creasing, resulting in thinner lips.


Lip Anatomy Graphic at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

Our lips are made up of soft movable tissue and they go through a lot. From kissing, to helping us talk to their role in eating, this fleshy and sensory organ has so many responsibilities.


In cosmetics and aesthetics we are most familiar with the “Cupid’s Bow”, one of the most defining characteristics of lips. This feature is one of the most commonly sought after area of the lips to enhance, expanding the margins, even elevating the Philtrum Ridges. These two areas of the upper lip are one of the main reasons why women might seek out cosmetic services or products, longing for a desired shape or margins.


The skin of our lips is just three to five cellular layers thick, which is quite thin when compared to the rest of the skin on our face, which in places measures up to 16 layers thick.  The thin skin in our lips is what gives us our lips the colours of red and pink. The blood vessels are more visible, and as this area of the face contains more melanin the results are a more intense colours.


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