MICROBLADING while PREGNANCY or Breastfeeding

Should you avoid cosmetic tattoo?

Life is busy, and moms (and moms-to-be) are always on the lookout to make things a bit more manageable in the early years. Self-care routines can get pushed aside during pregnancy and time is so precious during the first few years of motherhood.

This is one of the reasons why permanent makeup has become so popular among women with young families. It lightens the daily routine and keeps us feeling fresh. But, should you avoid permanent makeup if you’re pregnant or even breastfeeding?

Microblading, nano brows – these are forms of permanent makeup and ultimately they’re tattoo. During pregnancy experts recommend avoiding tattooing for many reasons. In fact, you may find it difficult to find a Permanent Makeup Artist who is willing to perform the procedure if you are pregnant. There are unnecessary risks and complications could arise either during or as a result of the procedure. Ultimately, it’s not worth the risk of premature labour, or worst.

Getting eyebrows tattoo’d requires up to 3 hours or more of laying on your back. While pregnant this isn’t easy, or comfortable. But the procedure itself involves penetrating the skin with a needle and foreign material. If you’re new to inking this could lead to more unknowns and the risk of allergic reaction, although minimal, is not something you want to risk for the fetus.

During pregnancy this is a critical time during the development of your baby. All measures should be taken to guard baby’s development. Permanent Makeup – this can wait.

What About During Breastfeeding?

With baby as priority 1 there are risks even while breastfeeding. Although the chances are slim infection is always a possibility following any cosmetic tattoo procedure. This infection could be passed onto the baby through the breast milk, and place unnecessary stress on an already demanding lifestyle. Avoid any semi-invasive beauty procedures until baby has been weened.

Video: Ivonne Sanchez offers simple aftercare instructions in this 4 minute video.


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