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At the last census, the Nepean part of Ottawa had a population of 170,544. Prior to the 2001 amalgamation with the City of Ottawa, Nepean was its own City. This area of Ottawa is still referred to as Nepean. As is the case with other areas of the National Capital Region, Nepean’s economy relies heavily on Federal Government Employment. Despite this we are proud to be multi-nominated for the top choice beauty spa with microblading artists near Nepean in Ottawa.

Although Nepean, ON is amalgamated to the City of Ottawa it has its own distinctive identity and thriving local community with historical and recreational significance.

Some of the resources available to those in Nepean ON include:


The tourism sector of Nepean ON is extensive and beneficial to both residents and visitors. Those seeking jobs can do so in the historic sites, recreation, as well as hotels within the region.  These industries continue to be a source of revenue for many residents as well as newcomers.

Tourism is not only about attracting tourists to Nepean for its hotel accommodations. The city itself also has large shopping amenities featuring well known retail brands and restaurants.

Visitors to Nepean will be surprised to learn that it was originally known as Township D, established in 1792.

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The City of Nepean features several annual and social events organized by various associations.  The Nepean Sailing Club on the southern shore of the Ottawa river hosts Fleet Meetings several times a year as well as various races.

The Nepean Sportsplex is a multi-purpose facility with an annual Christmas craft show and visual arts programs.

The Nepean Museum is a community-focused museum that preserves the history of its former municipal identity. Artifacts related to Nepean, from its beginning to the 20th century, are restored and displayed in its galleries. They feature events throughout the year including Curious Minds and Culture Days.


Nepean ON is one of the most recognized areas of the Capital Region. There are historic sites in this region that one can visit to learn or have fun. This part of Ottawa offers many job or recreational opportunities.

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