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Are you a resident or planning to tour Nepean Ontario? This is a historic city and township with so much for people of all ages to enjoy. Starting by visiting the historic sites, taking part in annual events or visiting retail shopping, and beauty services, you will be lost for choice. Ivonne Sanchez Beauty is proud to be an award nominated microblading artist in Nepean offering permanent makeup and cosmetic services to both residents and visitors.

Explore Historic Sites

Nepean is rich in history and you will find it interesting to learn from these historic locations. The historic buildings are maintained by the National Capital Commission and they are what makes Nepean unique from the other parts of Ottawa. Apart from visiting Rideau Canal, Lock 13 otherwise known as the Black Rapids Lockstation, you can also visit these historic locations.

Pinhey Forest

The Pinhey Forest is home to the 10,000-year old Pinhey sand dune, a unique ecosystem that is home to a number of animal and plant species that can only live in fine-grained sand.  The forest is named after the man who donated the land in 1948 with the purposes of land conservation.

City of Ottawa Archives

Explore Nepean’s hidden treasures. At this facility you’ll be able to research your house and family, or explore more than three million photographs. The City of Ottawa Archives are the caretakers of Ottawa’s history, preserving original documents such as photographs, maps, architectural drawings and artifacts, all kept in a climate-controlled vault.

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Fairfields Heritage House

A remarkable 19th century Gothic Revival farm house, Fairfields Heritage House is a homestead typical of those found in the area 200 years ago. Learn more about how the people gave shape to the area. The property is situated on 660 acres of farm land complete with gazebos, gardens and picturesque trees which are perfect for picnics and family-friendly activities. You’ll learn about cooking, fashion and beauty trends of this important era.

Attend Events

The former township and city of Nepean is a home of many events that occur all year round. Being part of the annual or social events is one way of having fun, learning and contributing to this community. 

The annual large events are the likes of Doors Open Ottawa, the Christmas Market as well as events hosted by the Nepean Sailing Club. A visit to the local events calendar will keep you updated on these events. It is fun and educational to be part of these great and famous events.

There are social events that you can attend with family and friends while visiting Nepean, Ontario. The Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Parks is an annual Christmas display featuring more than 300 spectacular displays using the latest in LED technology. You will definitely have to plan to attend these events and attractions as their planning starts way before the actual event date.

You may choose to be a volunteer in these events as they are open to all. Committing your time and also contributing useful ideas is always welcome in the Nepean community.


There is so much that one can do as a resident or a visitor to Nepean, Ontario. The city has so much to tell through visits to its historical sites as well as entertainment and eating places. Explore this historic township and you will yearn for more visits.

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