Guidelines For Cosmetic Proposals to Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

At Ivonne Sanchez Beauty we’re always on the look-out for the latest products and services to offer our clients. We know that staying ahead of the curve is what our clients want, and we’re committed to doing so safely.

How To Submit Proposals for Professional and Retail Products

All professional and retail cosmetic products must be submitted electronically in the form below.

Before presenting any proposal please be sure that your product meets the guidelines. Any product submitted that does not meet the guidelines will be rejected.

Is Your Product A New Cosmetic Originating Either From Canada or Another Country of Origin?

As per section 30 of the Canadian Cosmetic Regulations, manufacturers and importers must notify Health Canada within 10 days after they first sell a cosmetic in Canada. Failure to notify may result in a product being denied entry into Canada or removed from sale.

It is our policy at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty that all vendors must already have filed and received their “DIN” (Drug Identification Numbers) or “CNF” (Cosmetic Notification Forms) before any product will be considered for use or sale in our beauty clinic.  The rationale behind this policy is client safety, and proper product onboarding. Without the requisite registration numbers we are unable to consider your products to our clients. There are no exceptions. All registration numbers will be confirmed at Health Canada before any new accounts are opened. The successful registration and compliance at Health Canada does not guarantee that your product will be sold or used in our clinic.

Does Your Product Comply With Advertising Guidelines For Nonprescription and Cosmetic Industry?

It is not lawful in Canada to make claims about cosmetics which are considered to be therapeutic. To determine whether your product meets the guidelines for the appropriate Drug or Cosmetic Category please review the following guide here.

Is The Proposed Cosmetic Protected By IP (Intellectual Property)?

All brand and related products  must have appropriate intellectual property filed or registered at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The rationale behind our policy on this is that investing in the onboarding of new products is onerous.  Without sufficient protective rights it is high risk to bring on any new products that ultimately may be infringing on the protective rights of another product or brand and subject to challenge. Without trademark or patent registrations your product may not be considered.

Less Than 1 Year On The Market?

We’re all about finding products on the bleeding edge, but we aim to balance this with the safety and best interest of our clients. Any product that has less than 12 months consumer history may not be considered for use or sale.

Proof of Concepts and Use of Branding

Manufacturers and vendors may submit proof of concept packaging containing our branding subject to the following conditions:

1) The packaging does not contain any unregistered or unapproved cosmetic products;

2) The packaging is shipped by courier to our location at 138 Sparks Street, Ottawa ON K1P 5B6

Please contact us separately for a complete brand guideline package.


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