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Online Beauty Training

Your Online Access to Pre-Training

Imagine knowing everything before you reach the classroom. Now you can, with online beauty training our online course modules will cover all things theory, preparing you for your live model practical experience.

As you work your way through each section, you’ll expand and test your knowledge.

With a collection of easy to reference material, you’ll walk into class confident and ready for the next step of learning.

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The Simples, Most Affordable Way to Get the Beauty Skill Training You Need!

It’s not always easy to afford the beauty training that we all want.  How can I get started in a new beauty career or business if I don’t have the funds available to first learn the skills? Can’t I just learn online, save money and forego live training?
Now You Don’t Have To Choose.
You can have both.
Now with our combined online and live training, you can access the best curriculum, experience live training with models, AND still keep your training dollars within budget. By signing up for e-learning you’ll get access to the theory that is usually covered in the first few days of training, freeing up valuable dollars and reserving class-time for hands-on, instructor guided practical work.

Online Modules

Reach your learning objectives faster, anytime, anywhere!

Responsive Support

90% of questions answered in less than 5 hours!

Live Training Levels

Use your e-learning experience to prepare for live, in-class training.

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e-Learning as a 2-step Process to Better Beauty Training

Sign up now for e-Learning, and at the completion of your course be sure to register for live, in-class training with real models. You’ll take your beauty learning to the next level with hands-on practical learning.

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