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By 2021, over 119 years will have passed since the first documented Permanent Makeup procedure in modern times. Since Permanent Makeup was introduced to Europe in 1902 this aesthetic practice has taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone has embraced this popular way to get that perfect, long term makeup look.

Have you ever thought, I love the idea of not having to apply makeup or coverup every day, but I don’t know if tattooing my face is really for me…?

If you answered yes, then consider these points:

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Of Modern Permanent Makeup

How In Demand Is Permanent Makeup?

It’s clear that Permanent Makeup isn’t just a niche beauty service anymore. It’s now a globally recognized core beauty service that allows anyone to achieve a customized makeup look for an extended period of time.

Permanent Makeup adopters aren’t just casual about their cosmetic tattoos, they are well-informed and they wear it on their eyes, lips, brows and even as foundation for their skin. Almost all Permanent Makeup clients receive 2 or more permanent makeup services, and 90% of them return for touch-up applications to keep it looking fresh.

Permanent Makeup can also help you improve your lifestyle, making social and recreational planning easier. The majority of Permanent Makeup clients seek out Permanent Makeup to solve a practical problem like saving time, maintaining a consistent look, and reducing maintenance.  Permanent Makeup allows you to maintain a favourite custom make-up look without having to travel with makeup for reapplying.

So, hopefully we’ve convinced you to hop on the Permanent Makeup wave…but maybe you’re still unsure about how to get started.  We know this beauty service can be a little intimidating, and that is why we have created this guide for you.

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Before we start, it’s important to know that Permanent Makeup is both temporary and permanent. Depending on the type of permanent make up that you choose, and your professional, there are a wide range of outcomes depending on their skill, tools, and processes. Too light and the process will not last long; too heavy and the colours will spread and produce an ashy look.

Like any tattoo, Permanent Makeup isn’t something to rush into, and it is recommended that you take your time and gather the right information before ultimately making any decision. 

For those who economize, making a choice based on lowest cost alone, Permanent Makeup removal can be an expensive and time consuming process. The chances of having a poor experience, resulting in removal, can be minimized by doing your research and checking the facts.

Finding a Permanent Makeup Technician

Locating a Permanent Makeup Technician is easy, but qualifying a Permanent Makeup Technician requires some additional work.

  • Check that they have a website. If they are serious about their craft they will have a range of resources including before and aftercare instructions. They’ll also have a blog or several service pages that clearly educate their potential clients on what Permanent Makeup involves. 

  • Check their website or Instagram page for photos of their work. Your Permanent Makeup Technician should have a history of success stories (or be working directly under someone who does). 

  • Validate the authenticity of their work? Perform a reverse image search in Google Images to ensure that they are not passing off another artist’s work as their own.

  • If their Instagram or Facebook following is a factor in your decision making, be sure that their social media account is not full of fake followers.

  • Check to ensure that they have a valid Health Inspection certificate.

A consistent social media presence and post history well help show whether a Permanent Makeup Technician is experienced.

Schedule a Consultation

Lastly, spend some time with your qualified Permanent Makeup Technician. After you have decided on what you want tattoo’d prepare a list of questions and take 30 minutes or more to discuss your aesthetic goals and concerns with the technician. Sometimes meeting them in person will either confirm your choice or lead you to instead meet with others on your short-list.

If you’re not 100%, if you want more information, then take some time to think about it. There is no urgency when it comes to making long-lasting changes to your body.

Be sure to ask for a copy or a link to their waiver so that you have all of the information in hand before proceeding with any Permanent Makeup service.


Now that you have thought about how to get Permanent Makeup let’s take a deeper look at the various kinds of Permanent Makeup services that exist.

Let’s look at the different kinds of Permanent Makeup, from least permanent to most permanent.


From Least Permanent to Most Permanent


BB Glow

BB Glow is one of the latest trends in Permanent Makeup to reach North America. It is the shortest-lasting Permanent Makeup service (depending on the number of applications) ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. This advancement in beauty allows clients to receive an application of semi-permanent foundation to their skin. An ampoule is evenly applied to the epidermal layer of the skin, achieving a smooth consistent glow.

Performed with a Meso or Microneedling device this service is often sought by skincare enthusiasts looking for that perfect blended look. This popular approach to applying semi-permanent foundation ensures that you can go mirror-free to your next few events.

Oops! You’ll have to excuse us as we incorrectly labelled this BB Glow Photo “Microneedling”. Our official model Daria Sanchez is fully BB Glowed however in this Instagram post.  Check out more of these BB Glow Story Highlights in our Instagram to see more results! Learn more.



Microblading is next in line as a semi-permanent (least permanent) Permanent Makeup service. Lasting 8 to 12 months this cosmetic tattoo approach recreates the fine, hair-like strokes of your natural brow. Etching pigment only into the epidermis, the enhancement sloughs off as the epidermal cells regenerate every 4 to 6 weeks. Eventually, properly performed microblading will fade away and leave no trace behind.

There are important differences between Microblading and Nano Brow. Mainly, microblading is less permanent and is performed at a shallower depth. Learn more.

Nano Brows

Nano Brows are an increasingly popular Permanent Makeup service over microblading. Lasting 12 to 18 months this cosmetic tattoo process also creates hyper-realistic hair-like strokes of your natural brow, though the pigment in this case is deposited into the skin using a digital device. With less scarring and less trauma it is possible to maintain the pigment longer and with better results. 

With Permanent Makeup Nano Brows there are different styles available, including regular Nano (hair strokes), Powder (a ‘done-up’ look) and Ombre (a powdered gradient). Learn more.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner comes with many options. This popular Permanent Makeup service allows clients to have perfect, crisp eyeliner for up to 5 to 7 years. Remember, as with all Permanent Makeup the retention is impacted by lifestyle factors like smoking or exposure to direct sunlight.

Permanent Eyeliner offers clients the opportunity to stick with a classic look with the goal to simply accentuate the eyes. Or, there are stardust and winged Eyeliner options to the more adventurous.  Learn more.

Whatever style you choose you can easily apply eyeliner and makeover up over your Permanent Makeup. This allows you to create temporary enhancements for that special night out and then return to your Permanent Eyeliner the following day.

Upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both. This is an incredibly popular service and perfect for the client who wants to maintain that always-ready look.  Touch-ups every few years are necessary to keep eyeliner appearing crisp.

Permanent Lip Blush or Lip Contour

Permanent Lips come with several options, too. Lip Blush overs the entirety of the lip while less popular lip contour focuses only on the outline of the lips. 

Permanent lips are quite permanent and our understanding is that the pigment stays forever, although it may fade. A touch-up is necessary every few years to keep it looking fresh.

The benefits of Permanent Makeup are endless and Permanent Lips offer smudge-proof and kiss-proof lasting colour. Learn more.

Permanent Freckles & Beauty Marks

One of the less known and trendier services in Permanent Makeup include Beauty Marks and Freckles.

Permanent Makeup aims to be practical but we can’t help ourselves!  Freckles offer a youthful and more playful look – and they’re much safer than freckles that are left behind from harmful UV rays.

Beauty marks over the lip or in the cheek have been a popular accent and sought after feature by many clients.

The addition of freckles is one Permanent Makeup type that goes undetected as being “fake”. Freckles naturally occur due to sun exposure and so by adding a few to your skin – no-one will assume that you have been getting creative with your permanent makeup.  Learn more.

Camouflage Tattoo

Camouflage is the most permanent form of Cosmetic Tattoo and its far outside of just regular Permanent Makeup, but it still made our list.

Ideal for covering up scars, stretch marks and even Vitiligo this very permanent form of Permanent Makeup involves embedding pigment deep into the dermis – just like regular tattoo.

This type of Permanent Makeup is perfect for any gender identity. It is an excellent alternative to applying makeup daily over large areas that may be of concern. Using traditional tattoo pigments, custom formulated for your skin, large areas of skin can be professionally blended with this amazing technique. Learn more.


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