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Airbrushing and Post-Production Techniques Policy

Photo Editing

Our goal is to provide relevant, authentic information so that our readers and our clients can make informed decisions about their beauty services and products. To that end we will never post photos using airbrushing or heavy post-production techniques that misrepresent our work, or the skincare results that we endorse.  We believe that making cosmetic decisions is difficult on its own, and that accurate and honest depictions of client results is critical in achieving desired outcomes.

We may airbrush (aka Photoshop, edit) or use post-production techniques to improve or enhance the visibility of photos or videos, particularly outside of the focus areas of our work, to enhance and improve the user experience. For example, we may remove blemishes, marks, hairs, lighting, or other elements of a photo that we feel distracts our viewers or readers from seeing the focus of our work. We may also use background or focal blurring in portraits to help focus the viewers attention on areas of the face or body.

How Report or Inquire About Photo Authenticity

If you find a photo that is inaccurate, misleading, or would benefit from an explanation about our content please contact us at editorial@ivonnesanchez.com

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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.