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IvonneSanchez.com Corrections Policy

Adding Corrections

As indicated in our fact-checking policy, we aim for accuracy of information at all times – as well as transparency in corrections. If we update a post, or service page because of an error or NEW critical information, we add a bolded correction line in the article or page.

This practices ensures that we remain accountable for our content and its changes over time.  We aim to be accountable, accurate, and an authority on the information that we publish.

Our information is published primarily with Canadian readers in mind. As such, most of our services, products and information will be oriented with Canadians interests as a priority, though we may include information that is pertinent to other regions and will indicated as such.


How To Make a Correction or Update Request

Our goal is to provide relevant, safe and updated information for all of our clients and readers. If you find information that is inaccurate, outdated, or would benefit from additional content please contact us at editorial@ivonnesanchez.com

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