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Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Policy

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty works with professional and hobbyist influencers, affiliates, and brand ambassadors. Together, this important network of story-tellers help provide a valuable mesh of reviews and personal experiences about our products and services. Our aim through these formal and informal partnerships is to provide our clients and readers with high quality, authentic information that helps them in their purchasing decisions.

Whether it’s a sponsored ad, paid post, or blog collaboration, our influencers, ambassadors and affiliates are expected to share only their personal experience from discovery, to product or service use, and reflection afterwards. We expect that everyone in our community of beauty promoters will share as many details as possible about what lead to them to consider our products and services, what they liked (or disliked), what problem they were trying to resolve, and how they felt the solution solved their problem.

We promote the Influencer Marketing Disclosure Guidelines as adopted by the Canadian Code of Ad Standards when publishing any communication about our products and services.

All promoted and sponsored media should clearly signal the sponsored arrangement using such visual indicators as #ad, or #sponsored hashtags. A disclosure statement at the bottom of each social post or blog entry should clearly disclose the influencer, affiliate, or ambassador relationship.

In today’s world of marketing we expect our clients and readers to automatically understand that any promotion of our products or services by an influencer is most likely being done under a reciprocal arrangement, and that the marketer stands to gain something from the promotion. While some of our ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates receive services for free, others will also purchase products and services at full market value. The absence of payment or the exchange of services for promotion should not devalue the story about our services or products. We encourage all of our clients and readers to reach out to the promoters and ask for their validation and clarification as they feel necessary. Readers and clients should always question and conduct their own research before purchasing any beauty product, or subscribing to any of our beauty services.


Updated: December 16, 2020

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