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Quote Policy

All official quotes provided by IVONNE, Inc. are subject to the policy below:

Quotes are official cost estimates provided by IVONNE, Inc. for the purpose of communicating clear expectations around the initial cost of Permanent Makeup or Professional Skincare services. In rare circumstances the services actually received could vary by up to 10%, and also does not include upgrades unless expressly written.


IVONNE, Inc. guarantees the quoted price for a period of 30 days. The client must schedule an appointment in our scheduling system and pay the Appointment Confirmation Fee within 30 days of receiving the quote, AND complete their initial service within 4 months of the quote expiry date. Quotes are not eligible for those contacts who remain only on the wait-list but have not scheduled an appointment.

IVONNE, Inc. is not responsible, nor obligated to perform a service where the client’s condition or requirements have changed by 10%. or more e.g. If a client submits a quote request for eyebrow tattoo, and then experiences dramatic loss of brow hair between the time that they receive their official quote and the date of their service, this may impact the cost of the service. If the cost is expected to exceed 10% of the quote, then IVONNE, Inc. reserves the right not to perform the service.


All Official Quotes provided by IVONNE, Inc. expire within 30 days unless otherwise indicated expressly on the official Quote document. Verbal agreements, agreements by telephone, text message, or email will not be accepted. An official quote must be recreated in order to reflect any changes.

*Important: You must remain subscribed to our email communication in order to maintain an active quote. Unsubscribing from email communication before scheduling your appointment will expire the quote.


All Official Quotes are for use by the client named in the official quote only and cannot be transferred, nor do they have any monetary value.


IVONNE, Inc. is not obligated to perform any service(s) if the client has misrepresented any information disclosed in the Quote request or consultation process.

IVONNE, Inc. is not obligated to re-quote for existing contacts who have proceeded to receive Permanent Makeup or Professional Skincare services at another clinic. IVONNE, Inc. is not obligated to perform cosmetic tattoo removal, or refer cosmetic tattoo removal services for contacts who have already received an official Quote but decided to receive services elsewhere.

Contacts who decide to have Permanent Makeup or Skincare services through another clinic may not be eligible for services with IVONNE.

Updated: August 16, 2021

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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.