KRASOTA Permanent Makeup Brow Tattoo


A revolutionary high-performance permanent makeup procedure combining European pharmaceutical grade pigments with pigmentation mastery. Get gorgeous new brows that last in three hours or less.


Upgrade your Microblading or Nano Brow Tattoo with KRASOTA Brows available only at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

KRASOTA (krasǒta) PMU Brows include 12 months of complimentary brow waxing.

  • More durable and stable permanent makeup
  • Upgraded patented, pharmaceutical-grade pigment
  • Longer lasting continuous colour
  • Increased colour luminence and more reflective surfaces
  • 100% biocompatible leading to less inflammation or allergic reaction
  • Stabilized microbial purity supporting shorter healing time
  • Higher resistance to external influences
  • Higher pigment load reducing the likeliness of multiple initial touch-ups
  • Less maintenance with longer more consistent retention
  • Does not contain alcohol or iron oxides
  • Does not turn to an unwanted red, pink, or salmon colour
  • Formulated to maintain thin hair-like width over longer period of time

Brow Styles:

  • Microblading (hair-strokes or shading)
  • Nano-Brow (hair-strokes or shading)

Appointment Duration:

2-3 Hours

Brow Lifecycle:

Up to 1.5 years of longer-lasting, more consistent colour*


  1. Permanent makeup retention depends on a number of factors, including lifestyle, aftercare and skin type. Results will vary from person to person. Timelines are only a guideline.
  2. Regular colour boosts are recommended every 1.5 years



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