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Everything You Need To Know About Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing involves the removal of hair from the root using an adhesive liquid, like wax. The wax may be heated and then placed onto the skin in strips. Once the wax segments are pulled away from the skin the attached hair is pulled from the follicle, leaving a smooth clean surface. The effects of waxing can last between 4 and 6 weeks before new hair will grow back again.

Is It Better To Wax, Or to Shave?

Waxing and Sugaring are a more effective and long-lasting method of hair removal. Because the complete hair is removed, and because the new hairs do not return for up to 6 weeks this is the preferred method over shaving. By comparison, shaving only cuts the hair slightly below the skin and it continuously regrows, becoming visibly only hours later.

Of course, 1/4 inch of hair is required in order to be a candidate for waxing or sugaring. This means wearing long sleeves or pants until the hair grows long enough in between waxing sessions. All that to say – there is no clear better choice. 

Can Waxing Remove Hair Permanently?

Although waxing or sugaring is one of the most effective ways of removing hair for long periods of time, doing so does not permanently prevent the hair from regrowing.  Like shaving, Waxing and Sugaring are only temporary solutions to hair removal. After a few weeks, your hair will be back again! Waxing and Sugaring are more effective and longer-term approaches to hair removal because this process removes the entire hair further down the shaft. More time is needed for the hair to appear again.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Full Body Wax?

Full body wax is a large project and is known to take quite a bit of time. There are a lot of areas to cover and each requires different techniques. Such an extensive service doesn’t come at a low price (even though you may be combining so many body parts at the same time). A full body wax can cost hundreds of dollars and may take up to several hours or more, depending on a number of factors.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last, The First Time?

Like most other wax services a Brazilian wax can last between 4 to 6 weeks. In most cases, hair regrowth is minimal for the first week or two. However, hair growth is certainly more noticeable in weeks 4 through 6. Everyone experiences hair growth at different rates, but the standard 4 to 6 weeks is very typical.

What Is the Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring?

Pain! Waxing causes the wax to stick to both the hair and the skin, and this can be a slightly more painful approach to hair removal. With sugaring, only the hairs are grabbed and not the skin, resulting in less pain, but equally effective hair removal.  Sugaring is preferred for those who may be on medications (e.g. Accutane) that cause the skin to become thin, or weak. In that case, waxing can easily tear skin and so Sugaring may be the better option.

How Can I Avoid Ingrown Hairs?

Avoid those annoying and painful ingrown hairs by exfoliating both before and after your waxing appointment. Ensure that the skin is not red or inflamed. Regularly exfoliating will help keep dead skin cells from becoming stuck in the follicle.

Whether you are you new to waxing or an experienced client who is obsessed with smooth skin, our waxing specialists are here to work with you. Don’t worry. We’re not into double-dipping and we use single-use disposables to keep you safe!


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