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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an aesthetic service that involves placing fake eyelashes, usually made of mink or silk to the base of the existing lash using a specialized adhesive. These lashes, once attached to the top or the side of your existing lash elongate and give volume to your eyelashes. Over 1 to 3 hours (depending on the volume and style) your lash technician will careful map out and hand pick lashes of different lengths, and glue them to your individual lash hair. This extremely precise process involves mapping out your lashes, applying the lash to individual hairs and then carefully opening the fans to achieve the perfect look. 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions can last through a full lash growth cycle (up to 4 weeks or more). This is dependant on a number of factors including: lifestyle, exposure to heat, water, face washing routine and how you sleep. For a complete and full look it is recommended not to extend your lash set beyond 4 weeks. The optimal amount of time to complete a lash fill is between 2 and 3 weeks.

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

It is recommended to wait up to 48 hours after receiving your lash extensions before allowing your lashes to get wet.  It is possible to shower, but recommended to keep your lashes out of water.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes?

It is a common misunderstanding that eyelash extensions can somehow ruin your lashes. Eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes. When applied properly they are safe and have no impact on the health of your natural lashes. However, do avoid pulling your lashes or rubbing your eyes as doing so can lead to lash loss and damage of your natural lashes.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

The cost of Eyelash Extensions is usually connected to the application time. A classic set of lashes can cost $100 – $130 while volume and extreme volume lashes can cost over $200.  The cost is sometimes connected to the lash technician’s experience. If the lash tech can help you achieve a longer lasting lash performed in optimal time then this may be reflected in the price.

Do You Offer Mink Lashes or Synthetic?

At Ivonne Sanchez beauty we offer a variety of options. We recognize that not everyone will be able to choose mink lashes, for whatever the reason may be. This is why we offer both Mink and Synthetic lashes. 

Who Should Not Have Eyelash Extensions?

Those who have had ocular surgeries like blepharoplasty (eye lifts) or LASIK surgery must not have eyelash extensions for at least 12 months after the procedure. 

Anyone with a history of eye infections, styes, eye allergies, sensitive eye, chronic dry eye or chronic watery eyes are not a good candidate for lash services.  It is recommended that you first consult with your eye doctor to qualify whether you are a candidate, and to rule out any existing medical conditions that may first require treatment.

Eyelash Extension Guide

Sensitivities or Allergies?

Ask about our hypoallergenic glue.

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Is it time to give your eyes a break from eyelash extensions? Have you considered using EyEnvy or AnteAGE Lash Serums to regrow your existing lashes? Watch this tutorial by Ivonne on applying lash serum.

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Did You Know?

 Your natural lash hairs last only for a few weeks before falling out? Of those few weeks eyelash extensions can only be placed on fully grown hairs.


Whether you’re new to lash extensions or you’re a lash extensions fanatic you’ll want to keep those wispy hairs looking great.


We have an easy maintenance plan designed just for you.


Full Set: If you’re just getting started then the Full Set is where to begin. You’ll get the fullest amount of time allotted and the maximum coverage you desire.


2 Week Touch-Up: If you’re within 2 weeks of your last fill or full set with us, then this appointment is for you! On the 2 week touch-up cycle you’ll enjoy having pristine always great-looking lashes.


4 Week Touch-Up: This appointment is ideal for those who have had their full set or fill with us within the last 4 weeks. 4 Weeks is the maximum amount of time recommended before your lashes have less than 20% of their extensions. Beyond the 4 point you’re a candidate for a new set!


Mini-Touch Up: If you’re within 3-4 weeks of your last full set or fill then this 30 minute appointment is ideal if you need a quick touch-up for that night out or special event. *This is a quick catch-up to even out missing spots or to correct the overall look.


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