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Everything to know about freckles, and which ones are safe.

The world is becoming more knowledgable and more careful when it comes to protecting ourselves from sun exposure. The sun is one of the leading causes behind the development of freckles on our skin. These flat, brown spots may develop after our skin has been exposed to the sun.  They may become darker with further exposure, and lighten in the winter months.


Freckles are more common among those with fairer skin, and those with red hair.  Most freckles are safe and rarely develop into skin cancer.  But, if you do have an irregular mark on your skin, or one that changes noticeably be sure to bring it up with your doctor.

One of the most recognized celebrities that inspired a new interest in freckles was Lindsay Lohan.  Many will recall that for a large part of Lindsay’s career she covered up her freckles and avoided showing them in photos.  As her career shifted Lindsay could be seen showing off her freckles, inspiring those with the same to not be shy, but to own what they have.


This move gave freckle wearers everywhere motivation to be brave, and to show off their true selves.


Fast forward a few years, and now freckles are popular. More people want them, but the problem is the source.



Permanent Makeup is one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry. It’s comeback is owed to safer and better tools and protocols. It is one of the ways that so many are exploring with safer, more natural-looking freckled looks.


In just under 60 minutes, with the help of a skilled permanent makeup artist, anyone can achieve a long-lasting faux freckled look with micropigmentation.


Using high quality inks and a PMU Device, a customized freckled look can be created just for you.

In the world of Permanent Makeup it has become increasingly popular to first microneedle out any existing freckles that may have darkened or had been created by the sun (including age spots) and then recreating them safely with long-lasting pigments.


Using a sterile, single-use needle cartridge, ink is gently deposited into the junction of the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. This sweet spot ensures that PMU freckles do not blur out, and that they last for only up to a few years.  This process, when performed correctly, allows clients to choose new locations, new density, and new freckled looks over time.


The ability to create freckles using pigments ensures that clients can choose their colour, location and what level of density they want in their freckled look.


You can always add more, or compliment your freckles with BB Glow, a type of Permanent Makeup Foundation that lasts up to a few months.


If your skin is in good health and you would like to have fun, and explore more about how freckles may suit you then book your no-obligation free consultation today.



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