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Henna Brow Q & A

What Is Henna Brow?

Henna brows are an eyebrow tinting service uses a long-lasting topical pigment to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of Henna Brow is to create the illusion of density and depth of the brow hairs resolving any thinness or sparseness.

Henna dye is naturally made from the hina plant or the henna tree. Henna as a dye has been around since ancient Egyptian times when it was used for many purposes such as dyeing hair, clothes, fabrics and used as a make up.

The henna brows process is quite similar to henna colouring methods in traditional Indian culture. The shades have been customized and formulated for eyebrows. 

How Long Does Henna Brow Last?

Henna Brows last between 4 and 6 weeks and this depends on skin type. Oily skin results in Henna Brow disappearing sooner where dryer skin supports Henna Ink remaining in the skin longer.  Henna Brow disappears with the natural shedding of the outermost layer of the skin, which turns over every 4 to 6 weeks.

To ensure that your Henna Brows last as long as possible avoid over exfoliating your brows and use an oily skin moisturizer to help reserve their look.

Those with more brow hair will notice that their Henna lasts longer than those with thinner, and less brow hair.

How Can I Lighten Henna Brows?

While Henna pigment/ink is permanent, the skin is not. Rest assured that your Henna will lighten as the days and weeks progress, until it has disappeared entirely.

It is possible to use soap and a cotton pad to wash away some of the pigment, thereby reducing its darkness.

What Is More Permanent Than Henna Brows?

Increasingly popular brow services that are more permanent include:

1) Microblading: Microblading lasts about 8-16 months and offers a more hyper-realistic hair-like look giving perfect shape to your brows.

2) Nano Brow: Nano Brows last much longer and up to 18 months or longer. The pigments in this process become embedded deeper in the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting and crisper look.

Alternatives to Henna Brow

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