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Lip Tattoo

For natural looking, fuller & defined lips.

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From: $650 (Blush)

Duration: 3 Hours in Clinic

  • Save time, energy, and money.
  • Permanent Makeup is hypoallergenic.
  • Waterproof, smudgeproof makeup.
  • Lasts for several years with regular touch-ups.
  • Ideal for those with poor eyesight, or unable to draw due to arthritis.
  • Ideal for athletes, dancers, and busy professionals.

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So Many People Are Committing to Having Their Lipstick Tattooed on:
Everything you need to know about Permanent Lip Tattoo

Permanent Makeup is becoming one of the most common ways to achieve a permanent aesthetic look, and more and more women are adding microblading eyebrowseyeliner tattoo and even semi-permanent foundation to their list of must-have beauty services.


And while some may be reluctant to jump right into tattooing their face the reality is that cosmetic tattooing is more precise and has better results than ever before in history. The results can range from natural and subtle to life-changing.


Both the quality of tools, and the research in products are part of the reason why lip micropigmentation and lip liner tattoo is becoming so popular, especially among women between the ages of 25 and 65. Although lips are delicate, professional inking can help define and give colour to create symmetry and fullness to your existing lips.


If lip tattoo treatment is something that you’ve considered, but you are not sure as to what you can expect, here’s everything you need to know… 



The skin on your lips is different from the skin on the rest of your body because it is thinner and therefore more delicate. The skin on our face may be up to 16 cell layers thick while the skin on our lips may only be 3 to 5 layers thick.  This is why our lips appear more coloured (pink or reds) as the blood vessels are more visible. As well, there are fewer melanocytes in skin of our lips (melanocytes are responsible for producing melanin pigment, which help give the skin its colour).  Because the skin is so thin on the lips they are also more prone to dry out more quickly and chap more easily.




Lips become more thin as we age due to the depletion of natural collagen in our bodies. As we age the body is less able to keep up with this protein which results in skin that appears less plump, less full and less formed.




No. As we age our lips will grow thinner. The only organ in the human body that can regenerate itself is the liver.



Permanent Lip tattoo is a permanent makeup and cosmetic service that uses a handheld device to embed pigments into the layers of the skin. Lip tattoo is considered to be semi-permanent. The colour can lighten up to 70% after 4 to 6 weeks. Lip shape remains for up to 3 years. Retention depends on, among many things, following aftercare instructions closely, and lifestyle (including exposure to sun).



As with most permanent makeup, only the epidermal layer of the skin is worked, and for this reason all permanent makeup is understood to be semi-permanent, lasting 16 months to several years. This depends on the area of the body and lifestyle. Visit our Microblading page and watch the Ted Talk on what makes traditional tattoos permanent.


What Does Healed Lip Tattoo Look Like?

Permanent Lip Tattoo Before and After Treatment
Photo: Client Lip Tattoo Healing Process Over 7 Days
Lip Story Size Instagram Photo
Instagram Highlights: Healed Lip Tattoo at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

Check out our Instagram highlights to see before, after, and healed photos of our clients.

Permanent Lips:

  • New Treatments From $350

What Does The Lip Tattoo Process Look Like?

Get natural looking lips with the latest in semi-permanent makeup. 


Now that technology has improved permanent makeup results unlike anything we have ever seen women everywhere are considering making the step into permanent makeup.

How do you know whether Permanent Lips are right for you?

Have you enjoyed experimenting with long-lasting permanent lipsticks and lip stains like LipSense and Channel? Are you looking for something that doesn’t require looking in the mirror every day all day and occupying a pocket or your purse? Are you looking for some artistic professional help in creating the perfect outline or shade that suits your facial composition? Well, permanent lips (contour or shade) is for you!

What Our Clients Say About Lip Tattoo


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