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Microblading for Blondes – What You Should Know

If you’re a blonde and looking for microblading or nano brows then you probably have a lot of questions. The biggest question “what is this going to look like?”.  Maybe you are ultra fair skin with platinum blonde hair, and you’re wondering “how is it possible to give me the right shade of brow that connects with my overall tone and features?”


Don’t worry! There is a wide selection of pigment colours, and all of them can be mixed, diluted, and custom formulated specific to your tone of skin and your existing hair.  Being blonde doesn’t disqualify you from participating in microblading or nano-brows. 


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As a blonde you have many options, and there are no rules.


Choosing the perfect colour is really about the colour that you love best.


Keep in mind that if you start light it’s much easier to go darker either at your touch-up, or even following the healing period. But starting dark means waiting until the pigment has ejected itself through its normal shedding process before a lighter pigment can be applied (if at all possible).


Choosing realistic, natural brows while working with lighter hair is for the experienced artists only.


Blonde brow colours are more difficult to “get right” and there is always the risk that the colour will turn out ‘grey’.  Choose an expert carefully if you’re after light coloured brows that match your light coloured hair.


If you are any shade of blonde and you are considering getting your brows done then be sure to schedule a free consultation with an Ivonne Sanchez Beauty microblading artist today. This no obligation consultation will help put your mind at ease about your brow-options.



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