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Our nail team includes acrylic experts, dip ninjas, and manicure masters.

Luxurious high quality products

Our nail technicians source the best nail gems from allover the world. Luxurious Canadian brands like Ugly Duckling. Get your LV or Louboutin-style nails today!


Not just some nail salon. We're also a Permanent Makeup Clinic. Inspected by Ottawa Public Health we follow IPAC and O.Reg. 136/18 PERSONAL SERVICE SETTINGS regulations. We discard single-use items and reprocess our nail tools with approved sterilization products.


Over 200 - 5-Star Reviews cannot be wrong! We have also received multiple nominations by various People's Choice awards.

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When performed correctly acrylic, dip and gel nail, or manicure or pedicure can leave you feeling and looking luxurious:


  • Removal

  • Massage

  • A selection of a wide array of colours 

  • Nail gems sourced from around the world

  • High quality nail products


What Is The Difference Between Acrylic, Dip and UV Gel?


We’re glad you asked! Click here to read our blog entry here.


How Do I Get The Most Out of my Nail Service?


  • Be sure to book your nail services every 3 weeks to avoid overgrowth.

  • Every few months you should also start fresh with a new full set instead of perpetual fills.

  • Avoid soaking your hands in water directly and instead use dish gloves.

How Sanitary Are Dip Nail Protocols?

The same level of sanitary risk exists between using an applicator from a polish bottle and having powder applied to nails. There are no reported instances of exposure to infectious disease or otherwise resulting from the use of nail products or services at our salon. Our application protocols have been inspected and certified as compliant with Ottawa Public Health.

Who Should Not Have Their Nails Done?
You should not have your nails done if your nails or surrounding area are:

1) Swollen or inflamed
2) Bleeding
3) Infected
4) Or the nail is damaged extensively (greater than 25% of the nail into the nail plate)
5) The nail bed itself is injured

How Long Will My Nails Last?

These are just guidelines, and it really depends on lifestyle and environmental factors and how careful you are with your nails. It also depends on what products were applied together and whether we are using an existing application process that has worked for you in the past or if our nail techs are exploring a new combination of colours, base and top coats.

1) Regular polish (7 days maximum – but there are no guarantees)
2) Gel, Dip: A week or two
3) Acrylic: Up to two weeks or more

What If My Nail Is Broken Or Damaged?


If your nail is injured, broken, bloody, infected, or if the nail plate is split more than 25% of the nailbed, or if the nailbed itself is injured: no. It is best to not apply any polishes and instead care for the injury before proceeding with any work.


When choosing any beauty service you’ll want both skill and experience. When choosing a nail professional from Ivonne Sanchez Beauty you’re not just getting any nail tech. You’re forming a beauty partnership with a range of professionals who are skilled across several services. We’re more than just a nail place. We offer some of the best skincare and permanent makeup services in the region.


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