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Everything You Need to Know About Pedicure Treatments

Your feet need to be cared for.  In the summer months they are exposed to many conditions: intense heat, sun exposure, dryness and then long periods of water if spending time on the beach or the pool. In the cooler months, your feet are bound for hours, in tight, and sometimes uncomfortable footwear, with either too much or too little moisture.

Pedicures are one of the most common cosmetic foot treatment for feet and toenails. This popular treatment is to the feet as manicures are to the hands. The pedicure process can take up to about an hour to clean and freshen up your feet. The effects: you’ll simply feel better about yourself. This aesthetic service is most often sought after by those who have dry skin.

Pedicures are great either alone with a magazine and some music, or enjoyed together in a group for a staff event, or for a bridal party. These services also make for a perfect gift for someone who requires a bit of pampering and who deserves an experience in self-care.

The Pedicure service focuses on supporting the toenails, and removing dead skin cells from the bottom of the feet, and cleaning dead skin cells around the cuticles.

The removal of dead skill cells may involve the use callus remover, a rough stone (pumic stone), or a course grit foot file (callous remover). Some foot files have “diamond bits” and while razor products may be available it is strongly discouraged to ever but a blade to your feet, either yourself, or anyone else. Removing too much skin, cutting too deep, may result in damage of tissues, nerves, and expose you or your salon technician to blood.

In some countries it has even become popular to soak the feet in baths containing live fish who exfoliate and eat dead skin from the feet. This service is Prohibited in the province of Ontario, and many other provinces throughout Canada. See link.

What Does The Foot Pedicure Process Involve?

Once your feet have had a few minutes to soak the technician will:

1) Gently trim around your nail cuticles removing only dead skin, using a cuticle nipper.

Cuticle Nippers for Manicures and Pedicures at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty
Stainless Steel Cuticle Nippers - Used to Trim Foot Cuticles

2) Press the skin around the nail bed into a beautiful curved shape, revealing a uniform and symmetrical nail. 

Cuticle Pusher for Pedicures and Manicures at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty
Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher - Used to press and give shape to the cuticles.

3) Clip your toenails into a square shape as possible (to prevent the nail from growing into the skin).

Clippers for Pedicures and Manicures at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty
Stainless Steel Nail Clippers - Used for trimming those toe nails.

4) Once the nail has been shaped the nail will be filed into a smooth edge, and the nail bed gently buffed for a smooth look, ready for polish, if you choose. In between feet your feet will have the opportunity to soak in warm to hot water depending on your choosing. 

Nail File use in Pedicure and Manicure service at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty
Disposable, single-use nail filing board - Use for filing sharp edges and uneven nails.

5) The heel and rough points of your feet will be gently filed with a callus removing tool and callus removal solution.

Callus Remover Paddle for Foot Pedicures
Stainless Steel Pedicure Paddle With Single-Use Grit Sticker - Used for filing down calluses and dead skin.

6) To finish, you’ll enjoy an exfoliating foot rub and maybe even a foot massage. Once the service is completed your feet will be towel dried and ready for socks and shoes or sandals.

How To Choose A Foot Pedicure Salon

If choosing a salon for your foot pedicure, be certain that they have been inspected and are found to be in compliance with regulations that control and prevent against infectious disease.

Be cautious of foot baths. Never use a foot bath if you are not sure it has been cleaned and disinfected. A soap followed by 10 minutes of contact time with a disinfectant is required in between client services.

If your feet show signs of infection or are damaged and do not recover easily from injury; if they feel tingly or there is a loss of sensation or simply do not regain their colour then it is important to have your feet looked at by your family doctor or a podiatrist. If your nail bed is compromised, if you have an open wound, or if there are any signs of infection you are likely not a candidate to receive any foot service at your local salon until any medical issues have been resolved or ruled out. You should never rely on aesthetic services to cosmetically resolve what may be an underlying medical issue.

What Do Infections Look Like?

Infections may appear as a bug bite which may become worse, grow larger, contain pus and cause scarring. Yellow nails or scaling skin around the base of the foot may be a sign of fungal infection. Anything that looks red and angry may be a sign of bacterial infection. These signs should never be ignored and attention should be sought by a medical professional.

How To Prepare for a Foot Pedicure

Avoid waxing or shaving your legs 24 hours before having a pedicure. This prevents against any possible infection.

Some salons offer the ability to purchase tools for your exclusive use. You may either bring these tools with you or have them stored safely and separate from the rest of shared tools.

How Are Foot Pedicure Tools Sterilized?

All reusable metal tools are cleaned in the following way after use:

  • Any removal callous pads are removed from the metal paddle and discarded.

  • The steel tools are wiped clean of any visible debris and then hand washed in hot soapy water to remove any oil-based products or film. 

  • Finally, the tools are soaked in 70% non-diluted isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, removed and immediately dried or in PreEmpt C20 for 20 minutes. Pre-empt is controlled for potency with the use of test strips.  All tools are packaged together in a sterilized pouch.

How Are Foot baths Cleaned and Sterilized

Your footpaths are cleaned and disinfected in between client use, and at the end of each day.

First, the tubs are cleaned with hot soapy water to remove any oil-based products or film, left behind in the sink, then sprayed with a mixture of bleach or PreEmpt C-20 for the required contact time.

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