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Before your session

  • If you really need to take a shower before the appointment, take it 3 hours prior to the session and rinse only.

  • Shave, wax and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. It’s important to allow the amino acids to reconstruct as DHA needs amino acids to develop. Also, the pores need time to close before applying the solution. Otherwise, the cosmetic bronzer can get soaked into the pores.

  • Exfoliate* the skin 2-4 times.

  • Do not use lotions, oil based exfoliating products, gel or waxing/shaving creams. These could leave residue on the skin and deny the solution from developing.

  • Do not wear makeup, cream, sunscreen, perfume or deodorant.

  • Moisturize the skin days prior to the session (not the day of appointment).

  • The application can be done with or without undergarments or bathing suit. Wearing baggy and dark clothes is recommended for after the session. The ingredients present in the Nuda products could temporarily soil your clothing or bed sheets

*Exfoliation is the MOST important tip to follow in order to achieve an optimal result that will last up to 10 days. The use of simple exfoliating soap doesn’t suffice. A good scrub will allow the elimination of all the dead skin cells and impurities from the body. Pay attention to rough areas like the top of the feet, heels, ankles, elbows, armpits, knuckles, collarbones, etc.

If the exfoliation hasn’t been done properly, the result and/or the fading could be uneven, and the result could disappear prematurely and/or in the form of blots. NUDA products have been designed to fade gradually and evenly, when the skin is properly exfoliated. On the contrary, the dead skin cells will be eliminated naturally and leave white spots on the tan.


Spray Tan Client Consent Waiver

Be sure to read and complete the Waiver (client consent) before your arrival.

Client Information Sheet


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Please HOLD OFF ON booking face-relAted services (lashes, PMU, FACE WAXING, brows, facials etc) until further notice.