This Ottawa startup seems to have found what everyone is looking for in PMU: safe, luxurious permanent makeup that looks crisp.

Beauty Team

1. Amazing Permanent Makeup should be here for you

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty was founded on the idea that if we’re going to be putting permanent pigment into your skin, then we should be around to service that pigment for years to come.  Pricing our services allowing us to be successful for the long term is part of that commitment.

Ivonne Sanchez Permanent Makeup services, starting at $400 CAD.

Counterfeit Cosmetics

2. You deserve more than dangerous knock-off cosmetics

We protect clients from cheap knock-off cosmetics and dangerous supplies. We scour the world looking for only the highest quality and safest products for your skin. In fact, some of our manufacturers control their supply chain and prohibit the sale of products online at all to protect consumers from questionable ingredients.

The result? Just ask our suppliers – we harass them non-stop for proof of safety. A happier, healthier, more beautiful you!

3. Minimize your risk, maximize your reward

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty is certified by recognized academies from around the world, and then curated this content for protocols that are complianet with Canadian health and safety standards.  We understand skin types from many regions, and can customize permanent makeup and skincare approaches just for you.

Insured, and inspected by Ottawa’s Public Health unit.

In case you're already convinced...

Ivonne Sanchez as Featured at Benjamin Eck Project

4. Everybody agrees

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty has over 250 five-star reviews across 4 different review platforms, and has been featured on CTV, Faces Magazine, and Ivonne has been seen in artwork in Munich art galleries. One reviewer raves: “The atmosphere is warm, inviting and SO clean.”

5. We custom colour match, just for you

Whether it’s nail art or PMU, we customize your perfect look. When it comes to eyebrows and lip colour our artists are skilled at combining the perfect mix of pigment formulations to suit your exact skin tones.